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Wedding & Engagement Album Design Services


Wedding albums are a simple and beautiful way to display your photos so you and your family can reminisce about your special day whenever you’d like. And the best part? Instead of you spending hours trying to organize hundreds of photos into the perfect layout, we’ll handle the design for you and send it straight to your door!

Albums are great for engagement pictures too. Display your engagement pictures at your wedding with an album on your welcome table and then take it home to display on your coffee table or book shelf. We love things that are multi-functional!

How does it work?

Choose Your Favorite Photos

We’ll send you a request through your wedding gallery portal to ‘heart’ up to 150 of your favorite images. Don’t want to do this? No problem, we can pick for you if you’d like!

Choose Your Size and Finishes

We’ll need to know what size album you’d like and what finishes you want including cover material, and if you’d like a cameo image or debossing on the front cover.

Review the Design

Now it’s our turn to get to work! We’ll design out your pages and send you a PDF to review. We’ll also mockup your front cover so you can get an idea of it will look like. Keep in mind, a digital rendering won’t be an exact replica of the final product, but it’s pretty close.

Send Us Any Changes

At this point, you can decide if there are any pictures you want to switch out or make any changes to the cover material or customizations. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt our feelings! We want to make your albums perfect!

Approve the Design

Once you’ve decided you’re happy with the design, we’ll send over a quick agreement for you to sign off on sending your album to print. Then, we’ll ship it straight to your door!

Investment & Ordering

Album design services are only available to Forever Green Studios clients and are an add-on to our wedding and engagement packages. Whether you want to order an album right away, or wait a year after your wedding, there is no timeline requirement for making an order!

Album design pricing is dependent on size, materials and specific customizations, so reach out anytime to get more information or set up a consultation.

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